No.4 boiler, built in 1923 by Babcock & Wilcox.
It is a water tube boiler that was fired on coke and was installed to supplement the original three boilers, one of which was removed in 1952 to provide a coke storage area.

These original three boilers burnt household rubbish, but nine men were required to keep them stoked. As the cost of labour increased and the calorific value of the rubbish fell, so the station became more dependant on the coke fired No 4 boiler. At the end of the station's working life steam was supplied totally by this boiler, the coke being supplied from the gasworks next door.

The pumping station required fifteen people to run it, not including the 9 destructor staff. With this amount of labour it became worthwhile to invest in a new automated, pumping station, and in 1968 the 'Riverside Pumping Station' just next door took over the job. This station, not staffed in later years, represented the new era in technology but by 1993/4 was to be replaced by a new tunnel sewage system. The Riverside Pumping Station has now been re-developed into a number of houses and flats.

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