We want to create a space that people can visit every week or every day to find inspiring and ever-changing educational and fun activities. We want enthusiasts of steam, engineering and local history to explore the collection, to build on the materials and share them widely. We want businesses to see the site as a beautiful, charming and quirky place in which to host events and promote their own cutting edge engineering so we reflect the future of Cambridge as much as we do the past.

The transformation of the Museum of Technology will see the space become available to all who could benefit from it - the young, old, engineering enthusiasts and novices. Companies and interest groups will be able to use our space for events and promotions. We are a hubbub of exciting engineering and technology activity, and we want to inspire the next generation of engineers, mathematicians and scientists. 

This is just the beginning of the journey to make the museum a beacon of engineering and technological achievement, highlighting all aspects from the - perhaps less attractive - processing of the city’s waste to the clever technological answers to difficult problems of increasing population and beyond. All of this has relevance for historical understanding and future planning.

In doing this, we aim to become a catalyst for the promotion of engineering and technology in the city and beyond in a fun, accessible and stimulating way which our site uniquely allows us to do. The world needs more engineers and a greater understanding of the benefits of engineering. We feel we have the opportunity, location and history to allow us to promote this vision in a more engaging way than almost any other organisation. And we feel we owe this to the world of engineering, technology and to society.