You know you've arrived as a chimney when you've been scaled by Fred Dibnah, the godfather of TV demolition. Fred has straddled some premiere chimneys in his time and put down a few monster constructions too... although he has made is name playing the demolition game Fred would much rather be known for his work in the restoration field and in 1992 he turned up just in time to rehabilitate our mighty but ailing construction...he arrived on the 11th of May and after taking a little time to overcome the overhang made rapid progress erecting his higher ladders, well before the TV cameras turned up to film Fred erecting his 'Dibnah Flying Scaffold'.

The chimney shaft is 175ft (53m) high, and is 6ft (1.8m) across the top inside measurement. The plinth is of moulded stone, and the shaft, which is square at the base and octagonal above is built of brick in four sections of 35ft 6in (10.8m) each, the first section being three bricks thick, the second two and a half, the third two, and the forth one and a half bricks thickness