Floating Museum River Tour, 29th May

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Floating Museum River Tour, 29th May


Tuesday 29th May, 10am to 12noon

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All Aboard The Floating Museum!

Cambridge Museum of Technology has teamed up with Camboats to create the Floating Museum, a unique and unusual way to experience Cambridge’s history. View the sites of the city’s fascinating industrial and technological past from the comfort of a river boat. Learn why Cambridge Instrument Company apprentices threw their test pieces into the river, how the Fort St George pub used to be on an island, and why the Elizabeth Way Bridge took 82 years to build. You’ll discover the stories behind some of the great innovations that came out of Cambridge and also learn about the industries that helped to build and light the town and keep the streets and waterways clean and healthy.

We’ll be providing an expert tour guide and a mini exhibition - and we’ll even be bringing some of our collections on board. The tour starts at Stourbridge Common, near the Museum, heads upstream to Jesus Lock, then back down to the Plough at Fen Ditton for refreshments. We’ll be back at Stourbridge Common by noon.

For further information, please email info@museumoftechnology.com or phone 01223 500652 (weekdays only).

Subject to minimum numbers.

Other tours are available on Tuesday 22nd May, Tuesday 5th June, and Tuesday 12th June.