Steam, Sewage and Semiconductors: Preserving Cambridge's Industrial Heritage

We are excited to announce that the Museum has won funding for a transformation project, renovating the museum. The transformation will allow us to provide more space to visitors, exhibitors and our local community. 

- Create a visitors centre and new cafe, further opening up the museum to our community and visitors.

- Refurbish the Spackman Building to create a high quality museum space able to cater for events, display and learning activities. In line with our mission to promote and education an understanding of industry technology, the internal surfaces will be good looking but robust, enabling classes to be messy as well as educational!

- A new gate to the right hand side of the existing gate will open into a new landscaped ramp, suitable for wheelchair access, which will lead up to the new café/ticket office.

** what about the renovation of the engine? **