Cambridge Teslathon 2016

  • Cambridge Museum of Technology (map)
  • Cheddars Lane
  • Cambridge, CB5 8LD
  • United Kingdom
Phillip Tucks Tesla coil Cambridge Teslathon 2015

Extreme Electronics hosts Tesla coil builders of the UK (TCBOUK) at the Cambridge Museum of Technology for the annual hair-raising demonstration of electrostatics and more!
Lighting up the Spackman Building at the Cambridge Museum of Technology on:

  • Saturday, October 29, 2016, 11am-5pm
  • Sunday, October 30, 2016, 11am-3pm

Visitors welcome. Public Admission: Adults £3.50 / Concessions £2.00 / Children £1.50

What is a Teslathon?

A Teslathon is an informal meeting of people interested in building high-voltage equipment, teslacoils, multipliers, van de graff’s, wimshurst machines, violet ray machines, induction coils, and the opportunity to bring, test, experiment, demonstrate and view any of the equipment that other exhibitors have brought.

Teslathons are highly experimental, with technologists often pushing their equipment to breaking point in search of spectacular electrostatic discharges.

So expect the unexpected: indeed, look out for a guest appearance by Nikola Tesla (in costume!) and updates throughout the weekend on social media:

More About Extreme Electronics and 2016 Cambridge Teslathon: