Following on from Kiren's original proposal to elevate the gas engines from the basement to the valve yard, she became fascinated with the underground network of pipes which used to be a key component of the functioning pumping station. The network consists of ten pipes which used to control the outflow of sewage from the pumping station out towards the sewage farm in Milton.  Four of the pipes took gas into gasworks where it was stored in large holders. The other six pipes took the sewage to the treatment works in Milton. The green pipe is fixed beneath the gas engine basement next to the main engine room. Below is Kiren's plan of the underground pipe network.

Kiren Medium-341.jpg

Kiren's spatial proposal for her medium project was to make a play area for children and families to enjoy on the site of the valve yard. Using the pipework underground as inspiration she wanted to create a climbing frame of ropes, which resembles the pipework.  Her proposed design includes a slide and see-saw, making the valve yard something which is accessible and enjoyable for children and hopefully inspires them to find out more about the old pumping station, what it was for and why it was so crucial to the everyday life of industrial Cambridge. 

Kiren Medium-424.jpg

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