Alison chose to use the trap door at  the rear of the main engine room as her object of inspiration. She imagined this curious trap door unfolded and exploded as a glass encased exhibition lit by LED lights, thus illuminating objects of curiosity within the museum and bringing to light objects which don't always get the attention they deserve. Below is an image of her exploded and unfolded trap door conception. 

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Alison Chinn - Small Curiosity Users A2.jpg

Inspired by her research into wax casting and the work with glass of artist Luba Bakicova, Alison wanted to create a simple passage for curious visitors to wonder through, to pause and muse whilst admiring the glass encased exhibition of some of the unique objects in the museum of technology. This passage would be in the current ash tunnel, providing a chance to explore the history of the museum in a new light. 

Alison Chinn - Small Curiosity Outcome A2.jpg
Alison Chinn - Small Curiosity Killer.jpg

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