Alison had one simple aim for her medium spatial proposal: to design a moment of connection between people, inspiring conversation and a memorable moment of contact. In this way she particularly wanted it to appeal to people who are lonely or who find it hard to make connections with others. 

Alison Chinn - Medium Connectivity Users a1.jpg

Having had their curiosity peaked by their exploration of Alison's ash tunnel, with its glass encased exhibition of curious objects, the visitors will now see a small glow of light in the main engine room. As a small group of visitors converge around this glow, they will be 'cocooned in a kaleidoscope of light' providing them with a private and stimulating space in which to strike up a conversation, the light being a metaphor for such communication. 

Alison Chinn - Medium Connectivity Outcome A1.jpg

From three main points in the museum there would be three led emitting light beams which interact as the strangers in the museum find themselves interacting with each other. Once they have all been activated by the interacting visitors, a fade of white light would come from the ground illuminating a story on the floor of the museum. This would signal a shift in focus and the visitors would be able to take in the main engine room and speak freely to each other.

Alison Chinn - Medium Connectivity Users a1.jpg

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