Dixsha decided to propose a revitalisation of the basement room underneath the main engine room of the museum. By basing medium project proposal here, she wanted to explore different aspects of lighting, shadow, colour and water, creating an atmospheric and interactive room with multiple displays and a playful, creative space for all to enjoy. 

Dixsha Rudhun - Medium Project-32.jpg

Dixsha proposes to divide the space into three sections with one for a cafe area, one for a series of screen displays including a shadow puppetry show for children, and the other to be a water tank display where users can press a button to release colours into the water and experiment with the relationship between colour, water, and light. 

Dixsha Rudhun - Medium Project-30.jpg
Dixsha Rudhun - Medium Project-26.jpg
Dixsha Rudhun - Medium Project-34.jpg