Sibilla wanted to create a pavilion park where an elderly generation, a young adult generation, and  children can do activities and share the space together. For her elderly generation she designed a garden in which they would be able to enjoy planting and cultivating their own plants and flowers. Using her swing design from the smaller project as a start point, she proposed to create a community space with a curved, steel roof which looks like a sound-wave in which people of different generations can enjoy various activities.  

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For the children, she proposed to have a 'messy area' where they can get stuck into making a model. All the parts will be available, and she wanted to encourage creativity and something which would hold the attention of the youngsters. 

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For the young adults, Sibilla proposed to make a space where they would be able to play music, sing and dance. She hoped this would be a space which people could enjoy together to improve mood, encourage expression and help people's mental health. 

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