Following on from her brick-making usage of the ash tunnel, Diana decided to focus her medium project proposal around the iconic chimney, which has a high vantage point from which you can see the whole of the city centre. Having found out about the stoke workers' job in the ash tunnel, working under such visually impaired conditions, Diana wanted to expand her idea of seeing the unseen by turning the chimney into a viewpoint which visitors would be able to climb and get an alternative view of Cambridge. 

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Diana proposed to create steps and various platform viewing points spiralling up the outside of the chimney. She wanted to have a mist producing fog sculpture system in place (as designed by Fujiko Nakaya for his 'London Fog' installation), which would produce a visual impairment to the platform viewpoints. Her idea was to have the amount of mist decrease as the visitors made their way up the tower, so that the opacity would be at its lowest at the top, allowing a rising to clarity at the top of the tower. A lift would be available alongside the tower to provide access for all. Below is the top half of her design and a closer look at her top viewpoint space.

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