Anglia Ruskin University's third year interior design students have used the Cambridge Museum of Technology space with its unique objects and history as inspiration for their final year projects. They designed a small and a medium project, and were asked to create new ways for visitors to interact with the space, with reference to the narratives and history of the museum. In their small projects they were asked to pick an object from the museum and develop a three dimensional proposal for an innovative new way for a visitor to experience that object. The students wanted to inform and enhance the experience of the site as a whole and its collection. They were also interested in revealing ways in which the object responds to the human body. For the medium project the students were asked to propose a unique use for a part of the museum space, creating an innovative way for visitors to interact with the museum with some reference to its history. The students' projects propose new and exciting chapters to the story of the museum. Their creative designs take the visitor on an unforgettable and informative experience of the space.  Below are images taken from each student's projects, giving a flavour of the breadth and creativity of their re imaginings of the museum space. To find out more about the design department and course at A.R.U. follow the link to their department here or click on the link above.  

DC Test Pages picture 1.jpg
BLJ Test pages 2-56.jpg
Alison Chinn - Small Curiosity Outcome A2.jpg
SM Test Pages 1-15.jpg
SM Test Pages 2-16.jpg

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