It Couldn't Happen Here: Investigating Engineering Failures

A talk for Cambridgeshire Industrial Archaeology Society by Theron Pearman and Geoff Winckles

Free for CIAS members, £2 for Museum members, £3 for non-members

What do collapsed bridges, crashed aeroplanes, trains, cars, and split bin bags all have in common? All can be the result of engineering failure. Whether it’s an incident resulting in loss of life and millions of pounds of damage, or the remains of last night’s dinner all over the drive way, overcoming these engineering challenges is vital for technological progress to occur.

Fortunately, due to rigorous development and testing of structures and products, large scale disasters rarely happen. But, what is the investigative process when an unexpected failure occurs? Have you ever wondered who is responsible for finding out what went wrong when disaster strikes and what techniques they use to uncover what caused it?

Step up the forensic engineer. They are engineering detectives who find the clues and put the information together to find out why a failure occurred; allowing others to use the information to create a safer future.

Join the Technical Team at the Museum of Technology to gain an insight into how forensic engineers work looking at well-known, and less well known failures that have shaped our lives.

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