Innovative augmented-reality mobile application offers a new way for visitors to navigate the Cambridge Museum of Technology

A free "pilot" tour (from 11am-1pm on Sunday, September 11, 2016) will launch an expanded version of the museum's trail guide that will enhance visitors' experience and improve accessibility.
Visitors to the Cambridge Museum of Technology will now have the choice to access the guide via:

  • leaflet: printed leaflets also available on-site (donated by Historyworks)
  • online: at Historyworks Website
  • Physical Web application: for tablets and smartphones, download the app on Google Play Store (for Android), or iTunes (for Apple iOS) and enable Bluetooth

Devised by Helen Weinstein (Creative Director of Historyworks) in collaboration with Pam Halls (Curator of the Cambridge Museum of Technology), the online and Physical Web trail takes the visitor on 12 stops with audio narrative, photographs and a transcription for each stop.

The Cambridge Museum of Technology is delighted to be adding this Physical Web Bluetooth beacon trail to the Museum’s existing interpretation: the technology provides an exciting way for people to engage with the pumping station’s history 24 hours a day. And if you're passing by the museum, find out more courtesy of the eye-catching banners on the museum's frontage!

As a museum which celebrates local technology it is particularly fitting that we’ve collaborated with Historyworks (who are known for delivering history in engaging ways to reach a wider public) and that the innovative design of the Bluetooth beacons took place on our doorstep at ARM.


Helen Weinstein, Historyworks, Creative Director for Creating My Cambridge Pumping Station trail.

Museum trail narrated by Pam Halls, (Curator of Cambridge Museum of Technology); audio recorded and edited by Jon Calver (Historyworks); audio tour transcribed by Tizzy Faller.

Leaflet design: Mario Satchwell

Leaflet photography and copywriting contributions: Alex Calver and William Snell-Mendoza (Historyworks interns)

Bluetooth beacons kindly donated by Historyworks (with facilitation and technical assistance by Jonny Austin of ARM).

Illustration of the Cambridge Museum of Technology: copyright Jon Harris

About the Physical Web: the Physical Web is a utility to find and configure physical web bluetooth devices. If you are a Maker and want to experiment with the Physical Web, go to and learn about the possible devices that you can program.