Museum founder revisits the Museum of Technology

Dr. Ken Moxham from the University of Adelaide was the special guest speaker at a packed garden party hosted by the Cambridge Museum of Technology on 4 July 2016 at the Engineer's House on Riverside.

Dr. Moxham explained to a throng of museum patrons, members, volunteers and local residents how, as a PhD student at the Cambridge University Department of Engineering in the 1960s, he had provided the initial “business plan” to transform the old pumping station into a museum when the facility was under threat of demolition.

Dr. Moxham recounted stories of his friends from the Engineering department and laboratory staff who had provided the invaluable impetus to preserve Cambridge's industrial history, paying particular tribute to the intrepid Alex Ritchie, whose love of the engines at the museum would lead on to round-the-world hot-air ballooning with Richard Branson's Virgin Challenger.

As well as looking back to the origins of the museum, the trustees' address to guests looked forward to the fundraising campaign that will transform the Engineer's House into a hub for learning, exhibitions, archives and events.