The Print Shop at Cambridge Museum of Technology

As a complement to the recently launched Cambridge Museum of Technology trail guide (available in print, online at HistoryWorks or as an Internet-of-Things mobile app that uses the Physical Web and Bluetooth Beacons), meet the volunteers in the Print Shop.

In an age of rapidly evolving printing and publication processes – from digital-content to additive and three-dimensional (3D) printing – the Print Shop at Cambridge Museum of Technology demonstrates methods accumulated from hundreds of years' of printing, from manual techniques common to the earliest Gutenberg press of the 15th-century through to mechanised mass-production equipment of 20th-century newspapers.

Come along to the Print Shop to journey through the history of print. Discover how you can print your own paper designs, using moveable type, linocut or wood-cut blocks!

Visitors to the print shop can view working machines including:

Proof Press

Demonstrated by Nick Smith:


Moveable Type

Demonstrated by Nick Smith:

Linocut and Woodcut

Demonstrated by Joy Rutherford, who runs the 1840s Albion press in the print shop, where visitors of all ages can make their own prints:


Demonstrated by Pete Stanners (a retired Linotype operator):